The power of alternative thinking

We are

a one-stop alternative asset solution for Nordic investors. We offer our clients bespoke access to top-tier alternative asset managers in Private Equity, Real Estate and Hedge Funds

The offering

is unique, facilitating immediate access to vintage diversified portfolios, NAV exposure and returns in a perpetual structure

The solution

aims to improve the return and lower the risk of our clients’ portfolios. This is important when long term returns from traditional assets are likely to be significantly lower than they have been in the past

Returns are diminishing…

After an era of stellar performance, returns on bonds and equities are likely to be significantly lower over the next 20 years

Why just 2% matters

Power of Compounding – The eight wonder of the world

4.5% rather than 6.5% real return per annum, compounded over 30 years would mean you would have to almost double the amount you save each year to achieve the same outcome

Power of Alternative thinking

Why do some institutions dramatically outperform their peers over long periods of time?

A winning formula

Institutions with a high allocation to alternative assets have significantly outperformed institutions who have not

“Substantial allocations to alternative assets offer a level of diversification unavailable to investors in traditional assets, allowing the creation of portfolios with superior risk and return characteristics”

— David F. Swensen, CIO Yale Endowment

So what is stopping them?

- According to institutions

The illiquidity of private investments is a risk that institutions can’t tolerate


Many investors place a value on liquidity that exceeds their actual cash needs, even under worstcase scenarios

Private investments can only be done successfully by very large institutions that have the scale and resources to build a diversified program


Carneo Alternative Solutions have the expertise to provide our clients with a bespoke diversified program from day 1

The very limited number of top-tier funds that are essential to a successful investment program are generally closed to new investors


Carneo Alternative Solutions have strong partnerships with world class managers in alternative investments

Introducing Carneo Alternative Solutions

A unique one-stop alternative asset solution

Private Equity

Offers a valuable illiquidity premia in top-tier managers with track record of alpha generation

Real Estate

Offers inflation protection and portfolio diversification through low correlation to Nordic real estate

Liquid Alternatives

Returns uncorrelated to equities and potential to generate positive performance in periods of equity market crisis

Private Equity

  • Unique evergreen structure. Complete program for long term Private Equity exposure
  • Significant NAV exposure from day 1 with corresponding returns
  • Investments in top tier fund managers
  • Well diversified across vintages, geographies and strategies. Avoid J-curve and enhance returns.
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Real Estate

  • There are significant diversification benefits of investing in international real estate
  • We offer a vintage-diversified portfolio via access to top-tier local managers
  • Investors get significant NAV exposure from day 1
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The power of our alternative thinking

Greater expected return, less expected risk

The power of our solution is how when put together, the different building blocks materially improve the expected returns and risk of a traditional portfolio allocation to bonds and equities. Given the outlook for returns from these assets, we believe that investing in alternatives has never been more important.

* 50% PE, 25% RE, 25% LA